Resolute/Open H20 Triathlon Training Camps & Coaching

from recreational to elite

Resolute/Open H20 training camps and coaching bring together the expertise of elite coaches and the idea that dedication means nothing if you don't love what you're doing.  Hard work, discipline, focus, instruction, camaraderie, open water skills, bike skills, life skills, good food and good times are what you'll find with Coaches Chris Coffin & Rick Krupa...

And you'll even get faster.

What people are saying ...

“Chris Coffin, a coach and co-founder of Team Resolute/Open H2O, has been my personal coach for over a year and a half now. Chris is highly motivated and knowledgeable and I took very quickly to his style of coaching. We speak on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis discussing my progress and my training blocks. He spends a lot of time analyzing my progress and tweaking training blocks as we go. The results have been terrific. In the time I’ve been working with Chris, I’ve gone from doing zero triathlons to very comfortably finishing numerous Olympic distance triathlons. He is currently working with me for an upcoming Ironman 70.3 – my first attempt at that distance.

 Like many triathletes, I’ve considered swimming my weakest link. No more. I generally train at over 3,000 yards a session with warm ups, tech drills, main sets and cool downs. My comfort level in the water has improved by an order of magnitude, as has my technique. Open water swimming is becoming my favorite part of the triathlon.

I highly recommend Chris. Putting aside his skill set in all disciplines of triathlon, he is extremely personable and can easily translate his knowledge to all levels of triathletes – beginners to experienced athletes.”

Chris McDemus


“Chris has an enthusiasm for endurance sport that is contagious. His many years as a guard and calm demeanor make an athlete feel calmer and more at home in the water, and he will meet you where you are in your ability level and comfort in the water. “ … Cami Stock


“My interaction with Chris was always spot on. His observations of my technique while swimming, helped me immensely. He’s a natural born teacher!”  … Candy Argondizza


"I have worked with Chris Coffin for more than 5 cycling seasons.   Chris is a truly excellent coach. His hands-on approach is one of the reasons I achieved major results for the past few seasons.   His knowledge of the mental, diet and physical aspects of training are unparalleled in the industry.  Chris has been my “go to” guy for training information as a result of his perfect combination of individualized exercise programs, diverse training methods & challenging yet achievable goal setting.  I recommend him without reservation."

  Ed Esposito


"I have trained with Chris a number of times both in the pool and open water swimming and it has been a fantastic experience.  Chris is knowledgeable and has a ton of useful tips and hints, and makes each session fun.  I've also attended a couple of triathlon day camps up in Connecticut and they were excellent.  Very organized and professionally run and they helped my training a lot.  I would definitely recommend training with Chris, whether a one-off session or something more long-term - either way he's a great coach."

Kathryn Murtagh


“I met Chris after I had been training for triathlons for about 2 years and had a reached a plateau after the initial progression. I was frustrated that I just couldn't seem to get any faster. Then I met Chris, and after each session had a new lesson and skill to learn. I loved that he would highlight these and would send me reminders so they were fresh every time I got in the water. He explains the breakdown of the stroke so logically and provides examples that make you want to make that change immediately. He moved at just my pace, not letting me get stale, but allowing me to master each new skill before moving on. I took 5 minutes off my 70.3 swim leg after just 2 sessions! My swim efficiency has improved which is a huge sign that I can swim longer on less energy and have more gas once I get to the bike. I look forward to working with Chris more, knowing that he will keep me progressing!” 

Milly Wade-West


“Chris & Rick are awesome!!!  I took a couple swim lessons with Chris when I was first getting into triathlons.  He broke down my stroke and helped me make some easy tweaks that had an immediate impact on my efficiency and speed, which in turn, helped me feel much more relaxed and comfortable in the water.  He shot some video so I could see my before and after stroke, and I saw a big improvement in a short period. I have always wanted to take one of his open water swim clinics too and hope to do that this summer.”

 Rebecca Brown