Resolute/Open H20 Triathlon Training Camps & Coaching

from recreational to elite

Resolute/Open H20 training camps and coaching bring together the expertise of elite coaches and the idea that dedication means nothing if you don't love what you're doing.  Hard work, discipline, focus, instruction, camaraderie, open water skills, bike skills, life skills, good food and good times are what you'll find with Coaches Chris Coffin & Rick Krupa...

And you'll even get faster.

Custom Training Plans

No matter if you are a beginner, age grouper, or Kona qualifier, we  have had success on every level and an understanding of what it takes to help you achieve your athletic goals.  

Since we have been at this for quite a while, we have grown and have watched our athletes grow.  Understanding who you are and how we can create the foundation and structure for success is what we do best.  We coach, we instruct, we listen, we advise... we understand.  We understand how the demands of the working professional, or the juggling of being a dedicated parent, coupled with the rigors of training are a lot to organize and manage.  We can help you with it all while making you faster!  

If you are an elite athlete who is fast as lightning... We will make you faster!  Physical gifts are sometimes not enough; the mental side to training and racing is where we inspire and excel.  We will get you where you need to go!

We will develop a plan that is right for you and create the balance and structure for personal success whether you are looking to PR, qualify, or simply cross the finish line.

Contact Coach Chris to set up a consultation and get started!


Westport YMCA athletes get a discounted rate on  Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman plans. The season is here... Let's get started!