Resolute/Open H20 Triathlon Training Camps & Coaching

from recreational to elite

Resolute/Open H20 training camps and coaching bring together the expertise of elite coaches and the idea that dedication means nothing if you don't love what you're doing.  Hard work, discipline, focus, instruction, camaraderie, open water skills, bike skills, life skills, good food and good times are what you'll find with Coaches Chris Coffin & Rick Krupa...

And you'll even get faster.

Lake Placid 3 Day Training Camp

Day 1

· 8:30am-Leave Hotel for Mirror Lake.

· 9:00am-Swim 1 loop of the IMLP course. This will also include instruction for wetsuit application, turning at buoys, sighting, drafting and wetsuit removal.

· 10:45am-Transition area setup tutorial.

· 11:00am-Meet in Hotel parking lot for a 1 loop cycling ride around the IMLP course.

· 6:00pm-Refuel at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.

Day 2

· 8:30am-Leave The Hotel for Mirror Lake.

· 9:00am-Swim 1.5-2 loops of the IMLP course.

· 11:00am-Meet in Hotel parking lot for an LSD run of the IMLP run course. Athletes will have a choice of how far they chose to run.

· 3:00pm-Optional SUP, boating and sailing opportunities from Mirror Lake Boat Rental

Day 3

· 8:30am-Cycling from the Hotel. We will continue on the IMLP course but cut out the lollipop portions and add Whiteface Memorial 8 mile challenge.

· 1:00pm-Immediate run following ride around Mirror Lake.

· 3:00pm– Depart LP for Home. 


Cost for 3 day camp: $299

Cost for 3 day camp (returning athletes): $249


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